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SAR Dog Returns From Oso Mudslide

During the recent, deadly mudslide disaster in Oso, Wash., the Jackson County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue team (SAR) dis-patched two of its K-9 teams trained in human remain de-tection to aid in the search and recovery effort. According to press ac-counts, on Saturday, March (Subscribe for full story)




GMOs Menace or Benefit?

More than 50 people at-tended a program presented by quasi-Luddite groups GMO-Free Jackson County and Our Family Farms Coali-tion, explaining their support of Measure 15-119. If passed, the measure would ban anyone from prop-agating, cultivating, raising or growing (Subscribe for full story)


On a Mission: Hanby Recycling Project Awarded

In October, a trio of Hanby seventh-graders set to out improve their middle school's re-cycling habits with a “Get It in the Bin” campaign. Last week, Sydney Gray, Elezebeth Allen, and Andrew Dornbusch received word that their six-month project that combined science, technology, education and (Subscribe for full story)


RR Mural Society Makes a Splash Governor Salutes Wanda Nesbit

Wanda Nesbit nearly lost her life when she was 10 years old. “I said if God let me live, I would make my life count,” she recalled. And, 80 years later, Nesbit's life and what has become her life's work count plenty. Last week, the 90-year-old founder and director of the Rogue River Mural Society re-ceived word from Gov. John Kitzhaber's office that she is the recipient of the (Subscribe for full story)