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Fire Departments Train Using Station Burn to Learn

Over the weekend (May21-22), firefighters from the Rogue River Fire District (RRFD) and other area agencies took part in a structure burn training – which, according to RRFD Chief Jim Price, was a very successful exercise. "The opportunity to train under these conditions doesn't happen a lot," he said. "It's very common for property owners to contact a fire department because they have structures they want removed. So, we're able to conduct a training burn, which gives our personnel valuable experience, and the property owners get their property cleared." In this case, the building was the old railroad station, first built in 1910. It was (Subscribe for full story)


Blown Down

A large oak tree fell at the Rogue River Elementary - East Campus on the morning of Saturday, May 21. It had been in front of the school for as long as many on lookers could remember. The tree seemed to have close to surface roots that just could not hold the heavy tree up any longer. It fell onto one side, then landed on the top of the roof of the school. There seemed to be little damage, or at least the damage could have been much worse. The tree was cleaned up later in the day and it showed some damage to the roof. (Subscribe for full story)




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