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Bank Robbery, Cooley Bond, Assault Standoff

On September 10, at 11:56am, Medford Police Officers and Detectives responded to the Wells Fargo Bank at 1320 East McAndrews, for a robbery that just occurred. Employees in the bank confirmed the male suspect entered the bank alone and demanded money. After obtaining and undisclosed amount of money, he fled on foot. Officers searched the area but were not able to locate him. Through video surveil-lance and witness statements, investigators were able to identify 21-year-old, Scout Mountain, as the suspect. At approximately 2:40 p.m., a Medford Police officer observed Mountain walking in the 200 Block of N. Riverside. He was taken into custody without incident and (Subscribe for full story)


Pedestrian Fatality Still Under Review

The case involving a pedestrian fatality is still under review at the Jackson County DA’s Office. At around 10:40 a.m. June 13, Rogue River police responded to a call of a vehicle versus pedestrian incident at the intersection of West Main and Pine Streets. According to the RRPD, Claudia Townsend, 75, was reportedly struck by a pickup truck as she made her way across the intersection. Townsend was declared dead on the scene and the multiagency including the JCSO and Medford Police Dept. Serious Traffic Accident Reconstruction team was called in. The RRPD said that was standard procedure in such an incident and the STAR team conducts a “very thorough” investigation, including field sobriety tests if a driver (Subscribe for full story)


Hunt for Cougar After Killing Goats

After receiving reports that a mountain lion killed two goats within Gold Hill’s city limits, the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is taking steps to locate the animal and deal with it. The cougar reportedly killed two goats near an Ambrose Street residence sometime Thursday night and was seen near the same vicinity the next night. The ODFW stated that a tracker had been called in to deal with the cat. ODFW biologist Sam Dodenhoff has told The Rogue River Press that should a mountain lion becomes a problem and threatens a threat to humans, pets or livestock; the agency will take steps to track down and take of the animal. Both state and federal employees use a wide variety of methods to go after a cougar including hunting dogs and traps. However, poison is never used, he added. “Mountain lions posing a (Subscribe for full story)


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