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Ride the Rogue: ‘A Great Ride’

1“Wonderful.” “Truly compelling.” “A great ride!” Britt Johnson couldn't find enough superlatives to describe the first 30 miles of his 40 mile trek through the verdant pastures of the Evans Valley and the sweeping vistas along the Rogue River. The Ashland cyclist was munching on fruit and powerbars and gulping water at a rest stop outside the Gold Hill Library, and praising organizers of the seventh annual Ride (Subscribe for full story)


RR Resident Raises Issue of Fire Hazards

The recent Boles Fire that devastated Weed, Calif., has one Rogue River resident concerned that something similar could happen here. And, he feels that City Hall isn’t doing anything about it. “We have a ticking timebomb right here (in RogueRiver),” Curtis Shuler said.“What happened to Weed caneasily happen to us. I don’t want to see that happen and I feel the city needs to do something about it before we have a (Subscribe for full story)