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Couple Improvise Escape Fielder Creek Fire

Carrie Cummins was lying on the couch, relishing an hour or two of what she wanted to watch on TV after an early shift at a hospital in Medford when the power went out at the house she and her husband John share at the 900 block of Fielder Creek Road. She found out the reason soon enough. She went outside in her slingback flat shoes and called her husband. They had just purchased a butchered hog that was in the freezer. The Cummins don't buy meat at the grocery store; that's their meat for the winter season, so there was a concern. It was windy on this day, Tues., Sept. 7."I was on the phone, and I told him it was super, super windy, windier than I had (Subscribe for full story)


Officers Assist With Life-Saving Measures

Rogue River Police Chief Jim Williams said two of his officers had been involved in recent incidents that required their skill helping save lives at the Rogue River City Council meeting on Thurs., Nov. Officer Brent Miller responded to an overdose of the powerful opioid fentanyl."The person was basically dead," Williams said. "He used Narcan, and he was able to revive the individual."It's an amazing drug. People can be absolutely flat-lined, and they give them the nasal spray and life comes back." Williams said the department's supply is running low and will have to be reordered and that his officers are responding to more and more cases of a fentanyl overdose. During Halloween week, Officer Andy Gomez responded to the home of a resident who had been carving a pumpkin and had sliced his arm and needed (Subscribe for full story)


ODE Plans On Hold To Provide 'Time Out'

Dr. April Harrison, the Director of Special Programs for the Rogue River School District, said that the Oregon Department of Education District Continuous Improvement and School Improvement plans had been put on hold at the district's board meeting on Tues., Nov. 16. The Oregon Department of Education (ODE), Harrison said, is trying to coordinate each of its plans, including Student Investment Account (SIA)."What they're trying to do is create one comprehensive document that districts can use to meet all their federal requirements and state requirements, so they've asked everyone to take a time out," she said. The system is set to be available for the next school year. Two weeks ago, ODE asked Harrison if she and the district would share its plan and be available to work (Subscribe for full story)





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