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Rogue River Library Happenings For September

Courtesy of David Haywood, Rogue River Library Branch Manager. September will bring a number of programs to the Rogue River library. Hopefully, it will also bring some rain to put out all these fires! In the meantime, we have an air scrubber to make the library a clean-air sanctuary, so[Read More…]

What’s The Difference Between Mulies And Blacktails?

Oregon hunters and wildlife viewers are fortunate to be one of the few states that has decent populations of both mule deer and black-tailed deer. While their habitats can overlap, in general, the larger mule deer is found primarily east of the Cascades while most blacktails are west of there.[Read More…]

Change In Winds Expected To Help Firefighters

Helicopter units from Northwest Incident Management Team 13 (NWIMT 13) hoped to be able to fly over the northern part of the Smith River Fire North Complex in Josephine County for the first time in five days on Wed., Aug. 30, with winds switching to a north-south alignment and moving[Read More…]

City Looks For Input On Natural Hazard Plan

The City of Rogue River is hoping to be able to apply for federal funding projects in dealing and mitigating natural hazards through updating its Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan beginning this week. The city announced that it is working with the Oregon Department of Emergency Management and the Oregon Partnership[Read More…]

Rep. Bentz Faces Questions During Town Hall

Rep. Cliff Bentz faced questions on wildfire and climate change, proposed dam removal on the Snake River as has been done on the Klamath River, and the proposed shutting down of U.S. Postal Service processing centers in Medford during his third town hall stop in Jackson County since first winning[Read More…]

Evans Valley Celebrates 100th Birthday

People from all over the Evans Valley and beyond, generations who attended Evans Valley School in the 88 years it was a school in the Rogue River School District, returned to the campus on Sat., Aug. 26, to celebrate its 100th anniversary. About 50 people met for the potluck-style picnic[Read More…]

5-0 Vote Repeal On 110, Considering Redwood Lighting

Lively discussions, one over the idea of reviving a once-popular community holiday attraction in Rogue River, the other a dissenting view on the council’s take on the state’s struggling drug treatment law, highlighted the Rogue River City Council’s meeting on Thurs., Aug. 24. Melissa Harris, a Rogue River Junior Senior[Read More…]