Softball Team Reaches Towards Playoffs

The Rogue River Jr. Sr. High softball team was tasked with running through a gauntlet of a final stretch that included each of District 3’s three teams ranked in the Top 10 in Class 3A starting last week against No. 7 Cascade Christian. Challengers, behind solid pitching from two different[Read More…]

Wardle Goes To State

Kharis Wardle, the sole member of the Rogue River Jr. Sr. High equestrian team, will go to the state. The equestrian championships will occur next month, and Wardle will compete in seven events. Wardle and teammates from Eagle Point’s team were able to qualify for one more event at the[Read More…]

Chieftains Rebound With Win

While a losing streak that stretched to four games seemed to come out of the blue for the Rogue River Jr. Sr. High softball team in the middle of its season, so also came one of the biggest wins in the softball program’s recent history, a win that could set[Read More…]

Junior Chief Teams Sweep Final

In its last regular-season spring meet, the Rogue River Jr. Sr. High middle school-level track and field teams swept the boys’ and girls’ team titles against five other schools at Spiegelberg Stadium in Medford on Mon., April 15. The Junior Chieftain boys, behind seven first-place finishes and five second-places, dominated,[Read More…]

Snow To Live On Through Memories

Gary Snow has passed on. A longtime coach who helped the swings of numerous golfers, from beginning players to a state champion for Rogue River Junior Senior High School, died on April 5 at age 73. Snow moved to Rogue River from Orange County, California, in 1976; for the same[Read More…]