Rooster Crow

Rooster Crow Is Growing Back Even Bigger

The Rogue River Rooster Crow Weekend, the 71st version of the weekend that started in the city in 1953, had a twist this year. The event’s focus is mostly downtown, from the Saturday morning Rooster Crow Parade, the National Rooster Crowing Championships and Human Crowing Contest at Rooster Park, and[Read More…]

Chicken Farmer Crows To Win

At least two contestants among 27 adults in the Human Crowing Contest, the opening act for the National Rooster Crowing Championship at Rooster Park on Sat., June 29, were chicken farmers. One of them, Christian Alexandre of Crescent City, Calif., was the winner. There was a reasonably large competition, with[Read More…]

Mr. Bowie Wins Rooster Crow Title

The power of encouragement had to be what helped Mr. Bowie out in the warm but slightly muggy Sat., June 29, for the National Rooster Crowing Championships at Rooster Park, part of the Rogue River Rooster Crow celebration. Mr. Bowie, a Buff-laced Bearded Polish rooster named after the late David[Read More…]

Car Show Draws 111 Cars

The Rooster Crow Car Show, always a huge draw among car fans from all over Southern Oregon, had its most significant draw in years on Sun., June 30. The show drew 111 vehicles, Rooster Crow coordinator Shellie Garrison said, which hearkened back to pre-COVID-19 times. Dennis Feeley of Rogue River,[Read More…]

RR Alumni Picnic On Sunday

Along with the events downtown as part of Rogue River’s Rooster Crow Celebration, folks who grow up in Rogue River and Wimer might also be looking forward to the Rogue River High School All-Alumni Potluck/Picnic at Palmerton Park on Sun., June 30. As the name says, it’s for all alumni,[Read More…]