Author: Finn J.D. John

Offbeat Oregon History for July 10, 2024

Conde McCullough had a problem. Actually, let’s restate that. The Iowa highway department, which McCullough worked for at the time (in 1914), had a problem; what McCullough had was an opportunity. His solution to Iowa’s problem would, several years later, enable him to basically write his own ticket, and the[Read More…]

Offbeat Oregon History for July 3, 2024

It’s Really Easy, Looking Back At History, To Think Stuff Was “Meant To Be” When we look back at how the American West was incorporated into the nation, we see it was shaped in the spirit of Manifest Destiny. We see settlers from the east moving out and seizing big[Read More…]

Offbeat Oregon History

Legendary Aviator Survived Five Crash-Landings In Two Days On a gusty late-summer evening in 1930, well after dark, a few feet off the ground near the Oregon-Nevada border, 22-year-old Ted Barber was hurtling through the blackness, preparing to die. Barber was an aviation pioneer and an actual barnstormer — a[Read More…]