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peggyPEGGY DAY BELL, 40 years old, of Rogue River passed away suddenly of natural causes on Aug 12,2015 with her family beside her. She was joyfully born to John and Lisa Bell on July 1st, 1975 in Murphys-boro, Illinois. She spent her early childhood traveling around the country with her parents and her little sister, Mandy Rose. Her family finally settled and bounced between Humboldt County,CA and Rogue River, OR. Peggy Day was born with mischief in her eyes and enjoyed teasing her friends and family. She always shared what little she had with those she felt were in need. While making several trips to Merlin with her young son Eli, she always gave her change to the homeless at the freeway offramp. One trip she had no change to offer and her son called out, “Mom! You forgot to pay to get into Merlin!” Following in her mother’s footsteps, she always made sure there was never a shortage of well-loved pets in her home. The great joy of her life was raising her son, Eli Bell. She is survived by her parents, John Bell and Lisa Collett, as well as her son,Eli Bell, and her sister, Mandy Rose Bell. She was preceded by her maternal and paternal grandparents, two cousins and her step-father, David Collett. Peggy Day brought alot of happiness and laughter into her family’s lives and she will be missed with all of their hearts.

























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